Preston William Child is famous for his Action& Adventure and Mystery stories with a touch of thriller. This time, I thought it was time to change and the result was something totally new:


Hard-boiled medical-thriller for readers with strong nerves!


Surgeons are supposed to save lives…so why are dead bodies piling up around Chief Surgeon Michael Bello? 

Michael Bello has dedicated his life to helping others. Born into a home filled with turmoil, he's held on to his one blinding gift, and that's to do good. 

Now, as a father and a husband, he's finally happy. 

But when bodies turn up on his doorstep at the height of his prestigious career, things start to unravel…and the high profiled detectives from the Federal Capital Territory start to look at him more closely. 

This time it's not in the blinding light of a savior…this time, it's as a murderer. 

The peaceful city of Ilesha has a killer on the loose—one who slaughters and leaves the dead, pointing to one person alone…

Michael will have to use every skill he possesses to not only keep the detectives off his back but also protect what he loves the most—his family. 

Can he finally find the truth before it's too late? Or will his life be changed forever?